Retractable Awning

Shade when it is hot, but retracts to let winter sun in when you want it
Can handle most non-smoking types of household grilling… Even in the rain.
Cantilevers from the house. Does not have support poles.
5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Designed for use in normal weather. Do not leave it out in violent winds, storms, or snow
Nothing to maintain or winterize. No gutters to clean. Ready for your use without any normal maintenance
Restricted communities almost always allow retractables whereas porch roofs and permanent awnings are often not allowed
Use the remote control to open and close the awning from your easy chair. Perfect for cutting down on glare and heat from large windows. Don’t even need to go outside to do it.

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Stationary Awning

Accordion Cover Stays on ALL Year. Worry free 24-7 protection.
Deck, TV, Bar, rugs are always covered. No More Soggy cushions if you forget to bring them in. Less Deck maintenance too.
Engineered Welded Steel framing design withstands 90 mph wind and 55 psf snow loads
Insect curtains keep out the pests and can be pulled to the side so the area is open and allows more light in compared to a fixed screen porch
A sheltered place for outdoor pets in the rain, snow, and heat.
Go ahead, bring on the accessories. Ceiling Fans, TVs, Speakers, Bars, flamingo lights. Infrared Heaters even extend your outdoor season
Creates a place to drop muddy boots, wet coats, and dry off dogs before they track everything into the house.
Durable, welded seam, Sunbrella Fabric lasts 10-15 years with an occasional soap and water cleaning.

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Laminated Panel

Adds a Permanent roof that is integrated with your current roof line.
Single story houses often do not have enough pitch for a fabric awning. Laminated Panel roofs are almost flat for more ceiling height
Fast Construction. A 10 year factory finish is applied on both sides so there is no need for another ceiling or for painting…ever.
NOT noisy a tin roof. Laminated panels are factory assembled with insulation already inside.
Typically mounts where the gutter meets the facia, flashing brings water from the house roof onto the Lamninated panel roof. A built in gutter catches the water and channels it to downspouts.
Special Fan Beams will support ceiling fans and other hanging items.
Since it is prefinished and preinsulated, this makes a perfect starter for someone with future plans to enclose the area and make it another room
The rigid construction makes these panels so strong, 4 or 5 people can walk on them. Makes it easy to clean the gutters.
Insect curtains make this an instant screened porch. Pull the curtains back when not needed and let more light in and make access to the yard easier.

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