Add attention grabbing grace and charm to your business. Domes are a standout when surrounded by standard shed style awnings. Make them one color OR alternate colors in each pie section for an eye-catching image.

The most common type of dome is a “perfect dome,” exactly 1/4 of a ball, where the width is twice the projection and drop. Perfect domes are the most cost-effective because the bent ribs in the dome are all symmetrical and identical.

Irregular domes are quarter sections of an oblong watermelon, rather than a round orange. With this type of dome, each rib is different because the drop and projection are different for each rib. This type is most often used when there is not enough height to install a Perfect Dome.

Elongated domes have longer convex sections inserted in the middle of a dome to cover wider areas and allow for more signage.

Let CAPITOL AWNING determine what type of dome will work best for your application.