Many businesses already know that an awning can serve as a sign or that it can be a key element in the businesses sign program. Whether it is a logo, a street number, or an eye catching pink polka dot pattern, graphics can help customers find you and remember you.

Enhance your image and make your business more noticeable and easier to find. Use logo signage on your awning or just dress it up with a distinctive stripe or memorable pattern. While signs are typically two-dimensional, awnings are 3 dimensional, so add graphics to the SIDE of your awning to catch the attention of people on the sidewalk and driving by.

After receiving artwork from the customer, we create a scaled proof of exactly what the art will look like on the awning.

Are awning graphics as easy as applying cut vinyl to fabric? Sure, if you want the letters to fall off during the next rain. At Capitol Awning, we do all of our graphics in-house to ensure your graphics last as long as your awning. Fabric that is coated with rain repellent, gets wet, and moves with temperature changes and wind/snow load is not an easy place for graphics. We use graphic film designed for awning fabrics, and we test each batch for adhesion to the various fabric substrates we use. Based on our testing, we use different vinyls depending on the substrate fabric. Application of the vinyl to the substrate is done by an 8′ by 12′ vacuum heat press. Heat is applied to the top layer while the bottom table creates a vacuum to pull the vinyl and adhesive into the weave of the fabric.

At CAPITOL AWNING, we test our materials and use the best vinyl for the specific fabric. Ask to see our adhesion test date to see for yourself!