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Pergola Cover
Includes a Cap vent to allow cooking smoke to escape and an accent valance. Perfect for a rain or shine outdoor kitchen!


Pergola Covers

Pergolas add grace and romance to any hardscape. BUT they don’t bring much in the way of shade or protection from the elements.  That is where Capitol Comes In.



To enjoy usable space under a pergola, consumers often employ awnings as permanent caps and covers OR as retractable covers to protect the area underneath from the sun and elements.  Capitol has installed several interesting pergola solutions that retain the grace of the structure but add the protection other wise lacking in the pergola design.

It the pergola is on enough of a slant, single panel covers with adequate internal support to carry snow load can be utilized.  Others prefer a permanent pyramid style cap sometimes with a smoke vent if installed over an outdoor kitchen.  Another option includes installing one or two retractable awnings to create a retractable sunroof.  These retractable awnings can be combined with rigid panels as described earlier to create a space that includes permanent protection over some areas and variable protection over the retractable area.