Rigid Canopy or Porch Covers

Perfect for flat roof situations because it requires very little pitch and is Low Maintenance, Leak Proof, and a perfect start if you intend to enclose it later to make a 3-season or even a 4-season room.

Looking for a more traditional no maintenance cover? An engineered metal system is a great option. Rigid systems are permanent and look like they are an addition to the home. Our systems are factory coated with durable acrylic powder coating and stainless steel corrosion proof fasteners so they are durable and long lasting and require no maintenance. They even include integrated gutter systems so there is nothing else to buy.

The systems come in pre-cut portions ready to erect on your site. Most jobs are assembled in just one day. The support columns can be set in concrete or mounted to your existing porch or deck. We can plan for a future screened room or a 4 season roomb using a system of prefinished insulated panels. In the future, you can just add the walls and doors.

Rigid systems are perfect for stoops, garages, back porches that may be enclosed some day, covers over wheelchair ramps, or areas that you want to shade where the roof has to be flat or almost flat. These systems can be engineered in interesting covers with unique architectural details or in basic shed roof style depending on your needs.

Residential Laminated

Perfect for Low Pitch Applications
Rigid roof systems only need 1/8″ per 1 foot of fall which makes them great for single-story situations or applications where there is not enough pitch for a fabric awning

Already Insulated
The panels are already insulated and factory finished on both sides. No “tin roof” sound and no “sweating

Factory Finish Warranty
No need to paint the underside because both sides come with a factory finish warranty for 10 years

Perfect Starter Room
If you plan to add on later, a rigid system is already insulated. All you need to do is add walls and windows to make another room

Integrates well with existing structures
Most installations tie into existing roof lines and are flashed so that water from the existing roof runs onto the new roof.

Built In Gutter System
The system comes with a built in super wide gutter and downspout system to handle water from the existing roof as well as the added on Laminated Panel roof

Easy to add Skylights and Ceiling Fans
Skylights of any type as long as they are under 2′ wide can be added both during and after installation. Special Fan beam panels have steel channels inside to support ceiling fans and to conceal the wires.

Capitol Awning has several manufacturers of pre-engineer systems that we have worked with for decades. Take a look at some of the projects we have done and then call us to give you a free estimate for maintenance free shady rain-proof pre-engineered roof system for your home.