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Residential Windows

Beautify your home and keep it cool.  Window awnings are like drapes for the outside.  Keep the suns heat outside so you don’t have to pay the AC bill to remove it.  Eliminates fading of furniture and rugs, blocks glare on the TV, adds privacy, and makes that easy chair near the window comfortable to sit in the afternoon.

Colorful Window Awnings are a great way to spice up the exterior of your home while blocking the sun’s glare and keeping down your cooling costs. We offer a variety of permanent window awnings, all made by us in Richmond VA using steel frames and fade resistant Sunbrella fabric.

Window awnings come in several styles.  The traditional style is a pull up that can be raised with a rope and pulley.  This style is great if you want to raise the awning once in a while but not leave it up all winter.  Brace down or welded frame awnings stay out and rigid all year long and hold their shape better than the traditional pull ups.  Want to raise and lower the awning every day depending on the weather or open it during the cooler darker winter, then a retractable crank down style fits your needs.

Worried about window awnings in the wind?  Don’t be.  Window awnings are a great shape to resist even hurricane winds.  In fact, the majority of damage to window awnings that we see is from limbs or trees falling on them.

“Window Awnings add colorful architectural interest to your home and keep down your cooling costs.

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