Residential Retractables

Have it both ways! Shade or full sun… your choice at the push of a button. Today’s retractables are well engineered machines with durable powder coated finishes and excellent warranties. They offer the advantage of sun on an early spring day and shade when it warms up just a little to much.

When retracted, they are almost invisible and impervious to any weather conditions. Press a button and watch them smoothly extend out to create a colorful shady inviting living space. While the basic units come with hand cranks, most customers opt for the convenient wireless remote control that can open or close the awning from inside OR outside. The remote is even water resistant in case you leave it outside. Our awnings come with a 10 year frame warranty that guarantees performance at wind speeds up to 40 mph. There is even an optional sensor that will retract the awning if the winds get too strong.

Retractables are great for areas that have very little room between the top of the door and the roof line. They can be mounted on the wall, hung under the soffit or even mounted on the roof when no option is available. We can even mount them free standing on heavy posts to create an instantly shady spot over your favorite spot in the yard or garden. Need extra shade over your dock or beach area, a retractable is a perfect solution.

While some consumers opt for the “As Seen on TV” midnight infomercial retractable awning, they quickly realize that they got a unit made in China, no installation or service support, a choice of only 12 colors of shiny vinyl, and only a 5 year PRORATED warranty. Many are even surprised to hear that they have to be home to unload a 500 lb crated awning from a tractor trailer parked in their front yard.

At Capitol Awning, we buy only the best frames, do our own installation, and sew our own custom fabric covers. We do all the measurements and determine the best mounting style for your application. We allow you to choose from hundreds of colors and stripes or to make your own custom stripe pattern. Rest assured that we will take care of it all and if in 10 or 20 years you need a new cover sewn, we are just a phone call away.