The Architectural series is designed as an improvement over “kit style” multi-component metal awning systems popular today. Rather than riveted together sections, the entire frame is welded and ground smooth. Using a welded frame adds strength and prevents leaks. The internal pans can be anything from stamped W-Pan to high-end extruded aluminum.

Capitol Awning’s Architectural Awnings offer unlimited possibilities for a high-end and maintenance-free look. Create any facia look with a center belt line, top and bottom angles, half rounds, or even laser cut decorative edging. Combine that with a large collection of roof pans, from the industrial look to the high-end double groove extruded aluminum style. The cantilevers can be large and solid looking, round, square, or the popular rod with threaded turnbuckle. Add a choice of round, square, diamond, or even star wall plates to create a unique look.

Combine these with the ability to accent the components with highlight colors, and the Capitol Awning’s Architectural Metal Awnings is a versatile and inexpensive solution with more flexibility and better ROI when compared to Nationally Available standard metal systems.

If you are considering a Mapes or similar system… STOP. Capitol offers a better and more versatile system for a FRACTION of the cost. PLUS we offer custom colors, detailed PE Stamped engineering, and short lead times.