Wheel Chair Ramp Covers

No one needs to be reminded about the costs of injuries to patrons or employees. Covering ramps, stairs, and walkways reduces risk and improves morale while decreasing ongoing costs to keep these areas clear and hazard free.

Capitol Awning is not a product company with one solution to your ramp, stair, or walkway cover problem. We have the experience and product knowledge to recommend that solution that is right for your situation and budget. Our role is to start with the specific needs and the unique layout of each area, as well as your aesthetic goals to design a structure that works within the budget.

Our options include aluminum systems, Fabric Canopy, Laminated Canopy, and Wall Mounted Awnings. Since we are not tied to one supplier, we can work with the customer to design the desired and cost efficient solution rather than pushing a “one size fits all” product solution.

Let us design the right solution based on aesthetics, budget, and layout. Our tool box is full of solutions.