Insect Curtains

Don’t let insects interfere with your outdoor enjoyment. Insect Curtains can be installed under virtually any stationary cover to keep out flying insects as well as provide privacy and architectural beautification. Our curtains are CUSTOM MADE to any size: Look good closed, and look great open, gathered into an attractive swag.

We custom measure your space, use 20’ sections of aluminum bar and cut the track ourselves. This means fewer seams and a rigid track that will not rust. The sliders are premium “gator clips” that are secured on the binding of the curtains by 2 stainless steel screws and feature a stainless steel pin supporting 2 nylon rollers. Because we custom make the track ourselves, we can make multiple angles and create two 45 degree offsets to allow space for a large columns. A better track and roller system is not available anywhere else. And of course, we do all the measuring and installation.

We use 100% solution dyed woven and fused acrylic. Ask for a sample and try to tear our netting. Magnets in the curtain pockets along the openings between panels allow them to self-close back together as people enter and exit. Avoid the cheap DIY solution you find on the internet which come only in standard widths and heights, and have small flimsy sections of spliced together track that move jerkily on cheap plastic rollers.

For insect control, privacy and the upscale look of swagged outdoor curtains, Capitol Awning can create your haven. Want to see more? Please visit our showroom in Richmond near Willow Lawn. We have a large patio stationary canopy with a full set of mosquito curtains on display.

Insect Curtains + Stationary Canopy = An Affordable Screened Porch