Metal Roof

Metal roof structures can be standard W Pan, flat pan, laminated foam core, or extruded aluminum decorative pans. These systems are ideal when the roof is going to be relatively flat and where a durable permanent system is desired. Additionally, these systems manage water flow with built-in gutters.

Pre-engineered metal roof/canopy structures have a myriad of uses for the commercial/industrial customer. They provide shade and rain protection for both personnel and equipment with minimal cost and minimal maintenance. Eliminate or reduce safety issues with slipping in wet or icy work areas.

The pre-engineered product line means that the systems can be designed quickly and inexpensively based on pre-approved beam, panel, and column loading charts. Manufactured components means factory warranty on finish and performance. Panels, beams, and columns arrive at the site pre-cut to reduce erection time, and reduce your downtime.

Using pre-engineered systems that are delivered from our supplier in Raleigh, NC means that we can go from concept to completion is 2 weeks or less rather than the standard 2 to 3 months if outside engineers are involved. If you need stamped structural drawings, they can be provided by the factory engineers.

Typical uses for Pre-Engineered metal covers are loading dock covers, dumpster covers, walkway covers, covers over fuel or hazardous materials storage areas, garages or equipment storage/maintenance areas, exterior step and ramp covers, bus stops, and entry ways.

Engineered systems also include architectural details suitable for high-end entrance and retail applications where a rigid look is preferred. These systems can be constructed as stand alone units with columns or attached to a building and supported by a cantilever system.

If you need a design-build metal roof canopy, walkway, or cover solution, Call CAPITOL AWNING and let us show you how to get it done quicky, neatly, and affordably.