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Low Arch with Valance Sides
Entrance Canopies
Canopy with Graphics, Decorative Posts, and a white under-soffit treatment to add extra polish.
Entrance Canopies 11.12 062
Large Structural Gable with graphics on the front panel
No Posts with back panel to block atrium windows
Awnings in a sculptural curve. Always memorable.
Triangle shape where entrance is in a 90 degree corner
Unique Style that includes gutters and high detail gold leaf paint for extra WOW!
Complex yet sculpted step down brings the entrance to the street with Graphics TOO
Entrance Canopies 11.12 007
Columns integrated with the exterior for a Tied In look


Entrance Canopy

“Show Visitors the door” to come in that is.  Bring your front door out to where the people and the traffic is.  Let them know that this is the point to enter your business and that you care enough to provide a transition area where they can deal with umbrellas and jackets before they have come inside or to wait outside out of the rain while someone comes to pick them up.


Most Entrance Canopies are constructed of Welded Steel or Aluminum framing and can be arched, gabled, or even squared off.  Entrance canopies take your signage and make it 3 dimensional.  Drivers going past your business may not turn their heads 90 degrees to read your signage in the short time they have in front of your building BUT put an awning in their direct view and they WILL notice you.