Truck Dock Covers

Truck dock covers are not sexy. Sorry. However, it is easy to appreciate that Capitol Awning has several standard designs that can be quickly and easily implemented to solve your truck dock cover problems.

Capitol Awning works with P.E.s in all of the Southeast and Central Atlantic states and can turn around stamped shop drawings in as short as a week. Standard designs and details allow us to get drawings done and approved quickly. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and can turn around both small and large component systems in record time. While we love to put in a 1,000 foot run at a large distribution center, we are just as happy covering one bay.

We know that you want a quick, no hassle, and cost-effective installation. With decades of experience and thousands of linear feet of dock to our credit, we know how to get it done right the first time. Have a big job out of the area? Call us. We love to travel.

Call CAPITOL AWNING if you are considering adding a truck dock cover to your existing location or if you are considering adding it to a new structure design.