Nothing conveys an elegant welcome better than a dome awning. This timeless shape renders a softness and friendliness to any door or window.

There are three different types of dome awnings: Regular, Irregular, and Elongated.

On a regular dome, without considering the valance, the frame is built as a 1/4 ball cross-section. The width of the awning is twice the height. As an example, a 6′ wide Regular Dome would be 3′ tall. This symmetrical shape means that each bow is an exact copy of every other bow. Since each bow is hand bent, this symmetry makes fabrication easier and that is reflected in the price.

Irregular domes are not symmetrical; the width is not twice the height. In the example where a 6′ wide awning is only 2’6″ tall, each rib has to be bent differently which makes the cost of irregular domes higher than regular domes.

Elongated domes are convex awnings that have half a dome awning on each end.