Deck / Patio Covers

Covered outdoor areas expand seating areas and offer added appeal to any business. These covers are permanent engineered structures that offer year-round protection. Many customers add ceiling fans, bars, televisions, music systems, lights, and even stages to maximize enjoyment and revenue from their new space.

Structures this large and this durable require experience and engineering. Capitol Awning hired a Licensed PE to design a truss structure and truss table for standard projection awnings. Because we have a PE-stamped table to dictate truss construction, size, and spacing, we don’t start from scratch on each job. Standard details for head attachment, bridging, and end support are used over and over again to keep costs down for our clients. We even went one step further, and built standard awning assemblies and sent them to a testing laboratory to have them tested to failure. What we learned allowed us to engineer cost-effective connections with testing data to back it up.

All of our canopy systems are designed in accordance with 2015 IBC. While loads vary by location, most units are designed based on 115 mph wind loads, 55 psf dead loads, and all of our covers meet the Class A ASTM E-84 standard for flame spread. Capitol Awning has its own metal fabrication shop to build the frame, its own fabric work room to create a cover that will not leak, and skilled installers to put it all together. Trust that we have taken the time and expense to know the design standards and how to make them work so you don’t have to.

Since our canopy systems easily handle the wind and snow loads, most customers combine our canopies with drop curtains or wall panels, then add infrared heating to create a space that generates revenue year round.

Considering an investment in creating a covered outdoor space? Don’t take the risk of using a small time operator with little experience. Capitol Awning has decades of experience and dozens of completed projects near you.