Free Standing

Free Standing Shade Structures present design challenges different from those found in wall attached structures. Capitol Awning’s team is experienced in the design and construction of these structures from the most basic to the extremely complex.

Free Standing Awning Structures are subject to the same forces as any building, but also to uplift forces not found in normal structures. Combine that with the loss of stability that traditional walls provide and it is easy to see that Free Standing Awning Structures require significant design expertise.

Fortunately, Capitol Awning has been building Free Standing Structures since 1930. That experience has taught us how to design attractive yet stable structures that endure for decades. Typical installations include outdoor kitchens, shade coverings on pool decks, and garden/hardscape shade pavilions.

Capitol Awning has its own metal fabrication shop to weld complex and sturdy frame structures, a fabric shop to make a cover that meets local fire codes and fits securely, and an installation department to put it all together on your site. We offer customized designs for drop curtains, smoke vents, architectural columns, insect curtains, and ceiling fans.